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Solar Panel Charging Issues

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Hope you manage to get away from the weekend in your campers. We have had some issues with the solar panel charging setup for our onyx and wondering 100W plug-in in parallel via Anderson plugs which then goes into the merit 21 volts (21 volts for 1 or 2 panels plugged in), with 0 amp flow. Will I unplug the merit din plug on the side of the camper and plug back into the BMS wants show 21 volts and the amps wants to begin to flow. Approx 3-4 amps with one panel and up to 8 or 9 amps with both panels in good sun. Once again, the amps will not flow again unless I unplug it and plug it back in again. they do not charge the batteries. 21 volts with 0 amps with solar input showing on the BMS screen. If I start the generator,the BMS swaps to AC and the amps start flowing as you would expect. Shut down the generator and the BMS wants to switch to solar and the amp will start to flow again. Until they drop to 0 amps at some stage then we are back to the initial problem \ "It is almost like the BMS needs a 'jolt' of amps to get it start working?

Please help. 

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