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Ombudsman fires warning over ‘misleading’ solar sales complaints

Tuesday, 4.24.2018 - 10:21 

The Financial Ombudsman has issued a warning to customers over misleading and high-pressure sales techniques used to sell solar in the UK. Read more

SIX WEEKS LEFT to nominate for this year’s Solar Power Portal Awards

Tuesday, 4.24.2018 - 9:37 

There are now less than six weeks left to nominate your projects for the Solar Power Portal and Energy-Storage.News Awards 2018. Read more

Local authorities now ‘leading the way’ in UK solar, STA says

Friday, 4.20.2018 - 12:33 

Ongoing frustration with national solar policy has allowed local authorities and regional government to take the lead in UK solar deployment, the Solar Trade Association has said in a new report. Read more

Viridian Solar continues momentum with new E.On collaboration

Friday, 4.20.2018 - 12:10 

Viridian Solar has signed an exclusive deal with E.On to offer its roof-integrated solar panels to homes across England under the utility’s solar and storage business. Read more

Foresight adds 50MW to UK portfolio in £37 million deal

Friday, 4.20.2018 - 9:49 

Foresight Solar Fund has announced the addition of five new solar parks to its portfolio, totalling 53.3MW in capacity. Read more

BSIF splashes £20 million on trio of new assets

Thursday, 4.19.2018 - 12:42 

Bluefield Solar Income Fund (BSIF) has added a trio of new UK-based operational assets to its portfolio. Read more

BBC Wales toasts new broadcast HQ with 120kW rooftop solar array

Thursday, 4.19.2018 - 11:06 

BBC Wales has gone solar with a 120kWp rooftop system installed atop its £100 million new broadcast centre in Cardiff. Read more

Wirsol moves towards 150MW subsidy-free target with two new projects

Thursday, 4.19.2018 - 10:51 

Wirsol Energy has taken a step closer to its 150MWp subsidy-free development plans after picking up the project rights to 47MWp of solar across two large-scale projects in Lincolnshire. Read more

Solar power used in the UK’s first blockchain energy trade

Wednesday, 4.18.2018 - 18:27 

Solar generation from the rooftop array of a housing block in London has been traded to an adjacent tower in the UK’s first energy trade using blockchain technology. Read more

BSR wins O&M contracts for Mongoose Energy’s 50MW community solar portfolio

Wednesday, 4.18.2018 - 12:23 

BSR has signed a deal to perform operations and maintenance (O&M) for Mongoose Energy’s 50MW community solar portfolio. Read more


China’s PV installations 22% higher in first quarter 2018

Tuesday, 4.24.2018 - 12:34 

China installed a total of 9.65GW of solar PV capacity in the first quarter of 2018, a 22% increase over the prior year period, according to China’s National Energy Administration (NEA). Read more

IBC Solar commissions 27MW solar plant in India’s Odisha

Tuesday, 4.24.2018 - 12:33 

German solar and storage firm IBC Solar has commissioned a 27MW PV project in the Indian state of Odisha. Read more

Australia’s NEG would ‘trash’ renewable energy pipeline

Tuesday, 4.24.2018 - 11:49 

Australia's National Energy Guarantee (NEG), which has been waived through for a final decision in August, would significantly harm the country's large-scale renewables pipeline, with just 1.5GW expected to be completed by 2025 despite the current 16GW pipeline, according to the head of the country’s solar and storage council. Read more

Oxford PV taps key investors for £8.02 million in new funding

Tuesday, 4.24.2018 - 11:39 

Perovskite solar cell developer Oxford Photovoltaics (PV) has undertaken a new funding round, led by key investors, Statoil and Legal & General Capital. Read more

Meyer Burger appealing dismissal of diamond wire patent infringement case in China

Tuesday, 4.24.2018 - 10:48 

Leading PV manufacturing equipment supplier Meyer Burger said it would appeal an initial judgment made in a Chinese court that dismissed its patent infringement lawsuit against Wuxi Shangji Automation Co over its Diamond Wire Management System (DWMS). Read more

Solaria launches AC solar module using Enphase IQ 7+ microinverter

Tuesday, 4.24.2018 - 10:03 

Enphase Energy and Solaria Corporation have announced the introduction of an AC solar module, the Solaria ‘PowerXT’-AC. The AC module features the Enphase IQ 7+ Microinverter and delivers high performance and aesthetics through Solaria’s proprietary module technology. Read more

Masdar partners with Costa Rica utility on solar, storage and smart cities

Tuesday, 4.24.2018 - 8:17 

Abu Dhabi-based energy firm Masdar and state-run utility Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) have signed an MoU to share technical knowledge and project experience for renewable energy development. Read more

TNB signs 30MW solar PPA with Majulia and Greencells

Tuesday, 4.24.2018 - 8:09 

Malaysian utility Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) has signed a 21-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with Halpro Engineering for a 30MW(AC) solar project in Pahang, Malaysia. Read more

SA Water plans 152MW of solar and 35MWh of energy storage

Tuesday, 4.24.2018 - 7:56 

South Australia state-run firm SA Water plans to deploy 152MW of solar PV and 35MWh of energy storage over the next two years in order to reach its target of zero net electricity costs by 2020. Read more

Florida approves Sunrun’s solar lease program

Tuesday, 4.24.2018 - 7:19 

The Florida Public Service Commission has voted to approve US residential solar company Sunrun’s ability to offer solar leases to consumers within the state. Read more

Renewable Energy World

3@3 on Solar PV: What Will and Won’t Happen as a Result of the Solar Tariffs

Tuesday, 1.23.2018 - 19:53 

Today the focus is completely on the solar tariffs, approved by President Trump on Monday January 22. We’ll discuss what we know will happen now that the U.S. will be adding tariffs to imported solar modules and we’ll discuss what won’t happen as a result of these tariffs. What will pricing look like at the end of 2017? Will the solar industry crash and burn? Watch and find out. Read more

Microgrid on California Tribal Reservation Among Projects of Year Winners at DistribuTECH

Tuesday, 1.23.2018 - 19:52 

A microgrid at Blue Lake Rancheria, a tribal reservation in northern California, was the winner of the Distributed Energy Resource Integration 2018 POWERGRID International and DistribuTECH Project of the Year in San Antonio, Texas, today. Read more

UK’s Hive Energy Aims to Open Cuba’s First Fully Foreign-Owned Solar Park

Tuesday, 1.23.2018 - 19:28 

Cuba is preparing to open its first solar park 100 percent-owned by foreign investors. Hive Energy of the United Kingdom aims to start construction mid-2018 on a 50-MW project in the Mariel Special Economic Development Zone, one of the largest solar ventures on the island. Read more

SEPA, Collaborators Tackle DERMS Standards Prior to DistribuTECH

Tuesday, 1.23.2018 - 15:23 

The march to develop industry-agreed standards for Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS) took a major leap forward Monday as utilities and vendors connected in the effort and offered thoughts on the best path ahead Read more

New Offering Will Help Utilities Better Manage DERs on Their Power Systems

Tuesday, 1.23.2018 - 14:00 

At DistribuTECH 2018, Bentley Systems and Siemens are presenting their new applications for power utilities and industrial power facilities as part of the partnership, . The newly released applications will aid users by enhancing Bentley’s OpenUtilities network management, design, and operations applications with new integrated analysis, design optimization, and distributed energy resource (DER) decision support capabilities enabled by Siemens’ PSS SINCAL, according to the companies. Read more

The Trump Decision on US Tariffs and the Trolley Problem

Tuesday, 1.23.2018 - 13:22 

Much government and bureaucratic decision making is made in a vacuum, that is, the effect of the decision on the decision maker is small or nonexistent. In terms of the final tariff decision, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) made recommendations based on biased arguments. Read more

Report: Companies Need to Think Beyond Renewable Energy

Tuesday, 1.23.2018 - 10:00 

On the first day of DTECH, Schneider Electric released the findings of a new report that shows that while 85 percent of major corporations are thinking about reducing energy use through energy efficiency programs and more than , the vast majority of the companies surveyed were not considering how to actively participate in the incredible disruption that the energy industry is undergoing, such as microgrids, energy storage, and demand response strategies. According to the report, just 30 percent have implemented or are actively planning to use energy storage, microgrids, combined heat and power, or some mix of the technologies and only 23 percent have demand response Read more

Trump Approves 30 Percent Tariff on Solar Panel Imports; Trade Industry ‘Disappointed’

Tuesday, 1.23.2018 - 0:02 

President Donald Trump has agreed to a recommendation by the International Trade Commission to grant U.S. solar manufacturers relief from unfair trade practices in the form of tariffs on solar cells and modules imported to the U.S. Read more

Inside Renewable Energy: How Can Renewables, Climate Communities Make a Difference in 2018 US Elections?

Monday, 1.22.2018 - 22:07 

In this episode of the Inside Renewable Energy podcast, we look at the issues the renewables and climate communities face before the midterms and the concrete actions they can take starting now to cause change. Read more

There Is Not Enough Transmission to Meet US Corporate’s Renewable Energy Demands

Monday, 1.22.2018 - 21:11 

According to a report released on January 16 by the Wind Energy Foundation (WEF), U.S. corporations have committed to signing deals result in 60 GW of renewable energy capacity being added to the grid in coming years. However, transmission planners are not accounting for this large uptick of potential near-term procurement.   Read more


Clenergy sold more than 200MW of solar mounting systems in the Australian market

Monday, 7.31.2017 - 10:14 

By the end of June 2017, Clenergy recorded a year-on-year growth of 150% in the Australian market, selling more than 200MW of solar mounting systems. Read more

GCL cooperates with IBC Solar

Thursday, 7.27.2017 - 17:36 

GCL System Integration Technology Co. Ltd. is entering a business partnership with IBC SOLAR in Germany, a global leader in photovoltaic (PV) systems and energy storage. Read more

Phoenix Solar: First project in Australia

Thursday, 7.27.2017 - 14:13 

Phoenix Solar Pte Ltd has received an order for a 39.5 MWp photovoltaic power plant in Australia. The building release is scheduled for the next month (August). Read more

Third Blockchain-Tag in Berlin

Wednesday, 7.26.2017 - 13:12 

The tremendous potential that digitalization holds for the energy industry will take center stage at the Konferenz Digitale Energiewelt organized by Solarpraxis Neue Energiewelt AG. Read more

Senec grows in Italy

Tuesday, 7.25.2017 - 15:56 

Senec, Energy-Storage-Producer from Leipzig (Germany), opened its own site in Bari and established a company with Senec Italia. Read more

BayWa r.e. sold PV Power Plant to Lighthouse

Tuesday, 7.25.2017 - 14:44 

BayWa r.e. sold its 20MW PV power plant Hughenden to the Australian infrastructure and investment specialist Lighthouse Infrastructure. Read more

UK: STA response to Government announcements on energy storage

Monday, 7.24.2017 - 19:39 

The Solar Trade Association STA welcomes the announcement of battery storage and reviews to the rules making it easier for homes and businesses to install the technology alongside PV panels. Read more

OG&E and SunPower Announce 10-Megawatt Solar Plant

Friday, 7.21.2017 - 10:56 

OGE Energy Corp. electric utility subsidiary Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company (OG&E) and SunPower Corp. have signed a contract to build a 10-megawatt (AC) solar photovoltaic power plant in Covington, Oklahoma. Read more

SolarReserve receives Environmental Approval for 390-MW-Power-Station

Thursday, 7.20.2017 - 10:52 

SolarReserve has now received the environmental approval for a 390 MW solar thermal power station including 5,100 megawatt-hours of energy storage in Chile. Read more

Hive Energy granted planning permission to develop 40MW subsidy free Hampshire solar park

Thursday, 7.20.2017 - 9:52 

Hive Energy have confirmed plans to create a subsidy free 40MW solar park on 72 hectares of land at Woodington Farm near Romsey. Read more
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