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Date: 30.09.2014


Microgrid Economics: It Takes a Village, a University, and a Ship

Tuesday, 9.30.2014 - 14:55 (Renewable Energy World)

As a businessman exploring investments, I need simple answers, however complicated the problem. I wish to know: Are microgrids economical? How much investment is needed and for what? What are the factors that principally affect profitability, within the system and in the environment? If microgrids are not profitable at the present, when will they be? I recognize that understanding microgrids as a system requires complicated mathematics and modeling. I’m sympathetic to and respect those who do that. Read more

Thin-film OPV firm Heliatek raises €18 million to ramp production

Tuesday, 9.30.2014 - 13:43 (PV-Tech)

Dresden-based OPV thin-film start-up, Heliatek GmbH has raised €18 million in a ‘Series C’ investment round that included German entrepreneur, Stefan Quandt. Read more

OPV producer Heliatek completes EUR 18 million series C funding round, led by Investment Holding AQTON SE

Tuesday, 9.30.2014 - 11:12 (Solarserver)

Heliatek GmbH (Dresden, Germany), producer of organic solar photovoltaic (OPV) films, has successfully completed its C-Financing round by raising EUR 18 million. Since the foundation of Heliatek in 2006, EUR 46 million have been raised in order to develop the technology, the manufacturing process and now the market entry, the company emphasizes. Read more

Thermal Power/Heating

8 Interesting Facts About Solar Power

Tuesday, 9.30.2014 - 16:31 (Renewable Energy World)

A ridiculous amount of interesting facts and statistics surround the solar industry, and every time I write one of these posts, I fall more deeply in love with solar power.  What a first-class industry to be in – renewable energy, saving money, saving the planet….yeah, those things are important, and I’m always happy to share facts and statistics w Read more

California’s Palen 500MW CSP project scrapped

Tuesday, 9.30.2014 - 15:27 (PV-Tech)

The 500MW Palen concentrating solar power (CSP) project has withdrawn its planning application less than a week after authorities said it had to be scaled down. Read more

Solar PV Installations Quintuple Across K-12 Schools

Tuesday, 9.30.2014 - 14:38 (Renewable Energy World)

Recent findings from The Solar Foundation (TSF) show an encouraging surge in the number of K-12 schools installing solar power to save money, reduce carbon emissions, and introduce a new generation of children to the very practical benefits of renewable energy. Read more

Trina Solar raising US$100 million via US bond offering

Tuesday, 9.30.2014 - 14:04 (PV-Tech)

Major tier 1 PV manufacturer Trina Solar is issuing convertible noted to the tune of US$100 million that will mature in October 2019. Read more

SPI announces incorporation of subsidiary to address Japan’s solar PV market, acquisition of three PV projects

Tuesday, 9.30.2014 - 13:43 (Solarserver)

SPI Solar (Roseville, Calif., US), a vertically-integrated solar photovoltaic project developer, on September 29th, 2014 announced the incorporation of its new Japan subsidiary, SPI Solar Japan GK. SPI also announced that it has entered into agreements regarding the acquisition and development of three solar photovoltaic (PV) projects in Japan. Read more

Chinese glass manufacturer Xinyi Solar connects 150MW project

Tuesday, 9.30.2014 - 13:40 (PV-Tech)

Chinese PV glass manufacturer Xinyi Solar has completed the grid-connection of a 150MW ground-mounted project in Anhui, China. Read more

Brazilian LCD screen manufacturer to expand solar manufacturing

Tuesday, 9.30.2014 - 12:36 (PV-Tech)

LC Eletrônica, a Brazilian LCD screen manufacturer is to expand its solar output, according to local press reports. Read more

GE JV gets US$822 million loan for 231.44MW Japan project

Tuesday, 9.30.2014 - 11:19 (PV-Tech)

A joint venture involving GE Energy Financial Services has secured a loan worth more than US$800 million for the building of Japan’s largest solar power project to date. Read more

PV production: Meyer Burger announces contract for high efficiency SWCT module line with US manufacturer SolarTech Universal

Tuesday, 9.30.2014 - 11:01 (Solarserver)

SolarTech Universal LLC, a manufacturer of solar photovoltaic (PV) modules, based in Riviera Beach (FL, US) concluded a contract with Meyer Burger as technology partner for the delivery and installation of the first fully integrated high efficiency SmartWire Connection Technology module production line. Read more

OPDE group announces approval for 10.8 MW solar PV project in the UK

Tuesday, 9.30.2014 - 10:46 (Solarserver)

On September 29th, 2014 the OPDE Group (Navara, Spain), a multinational solar company specialising in the development, investment, construction and operation of solar photovoltaic (PV) plants, announced that it has obtained planning consent for a new 10.8 MWp solar farm located near the town of Crewkerne in Somerset (United Kingdom). Read more

Solar’s ‘secret billionaire’ reveals plans for 50GW of clean energy

Tuesday, 9.30.2014 - 10:30 (PV-Tech)

Cheng Kin Ming, the majority investor in Shunfeng Photovoltaics, has spoken publicly for the first time about his long-term plans. Read more

OPDE wins approval for 10.8MW Somerset solar farm

Tuesday, 9.30.2014 - 10:05 (Solarpowerportal)

Spanish PV developer, OPDE has received planning permission for a 10.8MW solar farm in Somerset. Read more

IEA: Solar energy could be the largest source of electricity by mid-century; PV systems may generate up to 16% of the world’s electricity by 2050

Tuesday, 9.30.2014 - 8:31 (Solarserver)

The sun could be the world’s largest source of electricity by 2050, ahead of fossil fuels, wind, hydro and nuclear, according to a pair of reports issued today by the International Energy Agency (IEA, Paris). The two IEA technology roadmaps show how solar photovoltaic (PV) systems could generate up to 16% of the world’s electricity by 2050 while solar thermal electricity (STE) from concentrating solar power (CSP) plants could provide an additional 11%. Read more

Japan’s largest solar PV project (231 MW) funded with investment by GE and Toyo Engineering

Tuesday, 9.30.2014 - 7:26 (Solarserver)

Kuni Umi Asset Management, GE (Schenectady, New York, U.S.) unit GE Energy Financial Services and Toyo Engineering Corporation have invested in Japan’s largest solar photovoltaic (PV) project, a 231 megawatt facility to be built in Setouchi City, Okayama Prefecture, via special purpose company and representative member Setouchi Future Creations. GE Energy Financial Services (Stamford, CT, US) holds a 60 percent stake in the PV project, one of the largest single equity investments in renewable energy in Japan. Financial details were not disclosed. Read more

Solarpack starts construction of its largest solar PV plant in South America; 25 MW for mining company in Chile

Tuesday, 9.30.2014 - 7:18 (Solarserver)

Solarpack (Getxo, Spain), a multinational company that develops and builds solar photovoltaic (PV) power plants, has started the construction of the 25 MWp Pozo Almonte solar PV plant, which will provide 13% of the energy used by the mining company Compañía Minera Doña Inés de Collahuasi. The plant is located in Tarapacá, in the First Region of Chile. Read more


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Wind Energy

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Hydrogen/Fuel Cell

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Geo Thermal/Heat Pump

FYI, Geothermal Industry: You’re Doing It Wrong

Tuesday, 9.30.2014 - 14:16 (Renewable Energy World)

For years the geothermal industry has relentlessly boasted that it is a baseload resource, meaning it provides stable power similar to a coal or natural gas plant, except without all of those pesky carbon emissions. While upfront costs to develop a plant are higher than other renewable sources, geothermal leaders say that this baseload aspect makes it a more attractive resource in the long run since the grid needs more stable power as increasing amounts of intermittent renewables enter the landscape. Read more

Energy Policy/Climate/CO2

Private Chinese cleantech investor unveils strategy for green cities world-wide, aims at 50 GW of renewable energy capacity

Tuesday, 9.30.2014 - 13:45 (Solarserver)

Cheng Kin Ming, whose recent investments in solar companies are estimated to be worth nearly USD 20 billion - making him the world's largest private investor in clean technologies - is speaking publicly for the first time about his strategy to accelerate the world's transition to green cities. His approach is to identify the world's best, complementary clean technology companies to create entire supply chains, across multiple verticals, to produce integrated solutions on an enormous scale. Read more

Dozens of developers show interest in Hawaii’s big storage proposal

Tuesday, 9.30.2014 - 13:19 (PV-Tech)

An “enormous” request for proposal (RFPs) put out by the Hawaii Electric Company (HECO) for up to 200MW of energy storage was responded to by more than 60 would-be developers. Read more

India and US on brink of US$1 billion renewable investment deal - report

Tuesday, 9.30.2014 - 13:13 (PV-Tech)

India and the US are close to signing a billion dollar financing deal for renewable energy projects, according to reports. Read more


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