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Date: 16.06.2014


Smart meters can cut FiT confusion, says Ofgem

Monday, 6.16.2014 - 17:15 (Solarpowerportal)

Instances of meters adding the cost of electricity exported to consumers’ bills will reduce as modern meters are installed across the country. Read more

Sungrow expanding string inverter product portfolio as distributed generation gets going

Monday, 6.16.2014 - 14:15 (PV-Tech)

Major China-based PV inverter manufacturer, Sungrow Power Supply has recently launched new commercial rooftop PV inverters for the Chinese and European markets, extending its range of string inverters. Read more

Shunfeng notifies stock exchange of advanced acquisition talks

Monday, 6.16.2014 - 12:15 (PV-Tech)

Shunfeng Photovoltaic, the owner of module manufacturer Suntech, has indicated to the Hong Kong stock exchange that it is in talks to acquire four new businesses. Read more

Thermal Power/Heating

SunPower Partners with Admirals Bank for $200 Million Residential Solar Loan Program

Monday, 6.16.2014 - 19:33 (Renewable Energy World)

SunPower and Admirals Bank announced a $200 million loan program for residential solar projects. Available over the next two years in all 50 U.S. states, the program allows residents to borrow up to $60,000 for a SunPower system. Read more

Research Continues on Solar with Molten Salt Storage

Monday, 6.16.2014 - 18:59 (Renewable Energy World)

A soaring structure on the south side of the Department of Energy’s National Solar Thermal Test Facility (NSTTF) combines two cutting-edge technologies in concentrating solar energy: Compact Linear Fresnel Reflectors and molten salt thermal storage. Using them together is a pioneering concept. Read more

Order Focus: Trina Solar to supply 23MW of modules DG project in China

Monday, 6.16.2014 - 15:52 (PV-Tech)

Major China-based EPC and project developer, Linuo Solar Power has selected Trina Solar to supply 23MW of modules for a large distributed generation (DG) PV project located in Shandong province, China. Read more

Hanergy and Aston Martin partner on solar for endurance racing cars

Monday, 6.16.2014 - 15:14 (Solarpowerportal)

Chinese thin-film manufacturer Hanergy and iconic British sports car maker Aston Martin are working on a joint R&D initiative looking at the use of solar in performance vehicles. Read more

Admirals Bank to provide USD 200 million for SunPower's residential solar PV loan program

Monday, 6.16.2014 - 15:14 (Solarserver)

Admirals Bank (Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.) has partnered with SunPower Corp. (San Jose, California, U.S.) to finance USD 200 million in loans for residential residential solar photovoltaic (PV) projects over the next two years. The partnership will fund the SunPower Loan program and expanding financing options for consumers. Read more

First Solar chosen to build 150 MW-AC solar PV plant in Southern California

Monday, 6.16.2014 - 14:48 (Solarserver)

Tenaska (Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.) has chosen First Solar Inc. (Tempe, Arizona, U.S.) to provide engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for a 150 MW-AC solar photovoltaic (PV) project in Southern California near the U.S.-Mexico border. Read more

United PV completes 180MW solar portfolio transaction

Monday, 6.16.2014 - 14:15 (PV-Tech)

Chinese PV project firm United PV, formerly Goldpoly, has completed the cut price acquisition of a 180MW solar farm portfolio. Read more

Hanergy and Aston Martin partner on solar for endurance racing cars

Monday, 6.16.2014 - 14:13 (PV-Tech)

Chinese thin-film manufacturer Hanergy and iconic British sports car maker Aston Martin are working on a joint R&D initiative looking at the use of solar in performance vehicles. Read more

Los Angeles Ready to Add 300 MW of New Solar Energy Capacity

Monday, 6.16.2014 - 13:54 (Renewable Energy World)

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is moving forward with multiple agreements for a large 250-MW solar array in Kern County while also spurring development of another 50 MW of solar power within the city of Los Angeles. Read more

Utah utility proposes solar tax

Monday, 6.16.2014 - 13:48 (PV-Tech)

PacifiCorp’s Utah utility, Rocky Mountain Power (RMP) has proposed a monthly charge for solar customers. Read more

Solarcentury nears completion of 2.4MW community PV plant

Monday, 6.16.2014 - 13:47 (Solarpowerportal)

West Solent Solar Cooperative has partnered with Solarcentury to build a 2.4MW solar farm in Hampshire. Read more

Texas utility chooses solar, claims it will be ‘coal free’ by 2016

Monday, 6.16.2014 - 13:05 (PV-Tech)

A utility company in Texas that serves nearly 400,000 people has declared that it is not only ready to meet recently issued Environment Protection Agency (EPA) carbon standards but will be able to go entirely ‘coal-free’ by 2016. Read more

Tenaska secures finance for 150MW California PV plant

Monday, 6.16.2014 - 13:04 (PV-Tech)

Independent power producer, Tenaska, has reached financial close on its 150MW Imperial Solar Energy Center West project in California. Read more

Solar Power’s Impact on Rural Exodus

Monday, 6.16.2014 - 12:17 (Renewable Energy World)

Our biggest cities are facing increasing pressure on their infrastructure. Rural migration to urban locations has been a constant since the industrial revolution where the rural population comes to Urbania looking for better opportunities. But what must be high on the agenda is to take these opportunities to wherever they are, no matter how remote. Read more

EurObserv'ER: European solar CSP market shifts to Italy, solar thermal market contracts in 2013

Monday, 6.16.2014 - 11:26 (Solarserver)

Europe's concentrating solar power (CSP) market is shifting from Spain to Italy and overseas as the continent's solar thermal market contracts further, according to the latest annual report by EurObserv'ER (Paris). “Solar Thermal and Concentrated Solar Power Barometer” finds that while Spain completed 350 MW of CSP plants in 2013, there are no plants under an advanced stage of development or construction in the nation. Read more

Commercial and industrial solar PV installations: REC cooperates with roofing specialists Sika and Centroplan

Monday, 6.16.2014 - 11:22 (Solarserver)

REC Solar ASA (Sandvika, Norway), the largest European supplier of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, during Intersolar Europe 2014 announced a new cooperation with roofing system specialists Sika AG and Centroplan GmbH, both of which offer in-depth experience with special requirements for roofing and solar panel installations. With professional-quality installation and REC high performing solar PV panels, customers can expect twenty years peace of mind for their flat-roof solar panel systems, REC emphasizes. Read more

Trina Solar closes on convertible bond, follow-on stock offerings

Monday, 6.16.2014 - 11:19 (Solarserver)

Trina Solar Ltd. (Changzhou, China) has closed on its offering of USD 150 million convertible bonds and 8.8 million shares, which will net the company USD 146.3 million and USD 92.9 million respectively, before expenses related to the offerings. As Trina has provided only partial detail regarding offering expenses, it is impossible at this time to calculate actual net proceeds. However the company says that it used USD 52.3 million of the proceeds from the note offering to pay the premium of zero-strike call options with initial purchasers. Read more

Barker praises UK solar’s performance

Monday, 6.16.2014 - 10:58 (Solarpowerportal)

Greg Barker has praised solar’s rapid cost reduction over his time as minister but has warned that government will continue to ‘squeeze subsidy’ in an attempt to drive costs down further. Read more


Don't Count It Out: Biofuels Industry Holds Much Promise

Monday, 6.16.2014 - 12:53 (Renewable Energy World)

The verdict on biofuels is in, and the catchphrase seems to be over-promised and under-delivered. Biofuels have been in public use in some form or the other for a long time (remember the Ford Model T that ran on hemp-derived fuel?). However, in reality, innovation in biofuels for widespread use is much more recent. First generation biofuels made out of sugar, starch and edible oils still occupy a major share of the total market. Read more

Wind Energy

Wind Farms, Power Grids Pose Political Risks for EU Insurers

Monday, 6.16.2014 - 15:45 (Renewable Energy World)

Insurance regulators in Europe won’t relax rules designed to protect customers from risks to investments in structures like wind parks and power grids, the head of the industry’s watchdog said. Read more


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Hydrogen/Fuel Cell

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Geo Thermal/Heat Pump

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Energy Policy/Climate/CO2

How One Town Keeps Fighting for Control of Its Energy Future

Monday, 6.16.2014 - 18:35 (Renewable Energy World)

How can a community take control of its energy future from a 100-year monopoly electric utility?  Citizens of Boulder, CO, are testing answers to that question, trying to discover how a single city can do more for its economy and the environment with more power over its energy system. At the core of their efforts is a grassroots campaign to form a Read more

Coal growth overshadows record 2013 for renewables

Monday, 6.16.2014 - 14:07 (PV-Tech)

Renewable energy accounted for a record share of global energy consumption last year, but so too did coal, hitting its highest level since 1970. Read more

Climate Change Shifts Focus for Energy System

Monday, 6.16.2014 - 12:47 (Renewable Energy World)

The U.S. National Climate Assessment report states bluntly that streets in coastal cities are flooding more readily, that hotter and drier weather in the West means earlier starts to wildfire seasons, and that every region of the nation already is seeing real effects of climate change. Read more


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