News of the year 2014

Date: 18.05.2014


SNEC 2014: centrotherm displaying cost and performance equipment solutions

Sunday, 5.18.2014 - 12:08 (PV-Tech)

Centrotherm expects the PV manufacturing sector to continue to be focus on both cost pressure and efficiency improvements during SNEC 2014 in Shanghai this week. Read more

SNEC 2014: Sungrow to reveal 60kW string inverter with 99% inversion efficiency

Sunday, 5.18.2014 - 9:15 (PV-Tech)

Major PV inverter manufacturer, Sungrow Power Supply is to debut a 60kW string inverter with 99%-plus inversion efficiency at SNEC 2014. Read more

SNEC 2014: InnoLas showcasing new PERC ILM-2 laser processing tool

Sunday, 5.18.2014 - 8:11 (PV-Tech)

At SNEC 2014, PV manufacturing equipment specialist, InnoLas Solutions is showcasing its new ‘ILM-2’ laser processing platform for PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cells) solar cells. Read more

Canadian Solar teams with GCL-Poly to build new 1.2GW solar cell facility

Sunday, 5.18.2014 - 8:00 (PV-Tech)

Major tier-1 PV manufacturer and downstream PV energy provider (PVEP) Canadian Solar has started construction of a new 1.2GW solar cell manufacturing facility in partnership with its long-standing ingot/wafer supplier, GCL-Poly in Funning, Jiangsu Province, China. Read more

Thermal Power/Heating

SNEC 2014: DEK Solar touts HouYi cell metallization platform and fine line printing

Sunday, 5.18.2014 - 9:13 (PV-Tech)

Solar cell metallization equipment supplier, DEK Solar is launching the HouYi platform with throughput of 1,350wph in a small footprint at SNEC 2014. Its fine line printing stencils under the VectorGuard brand were used in the recent record-breaking 21.2% PERC cell efficiency project with the Institute for Solar Energy Research Hamelin (ISFH) will also be featured at the major PV show in Shanghai. Read more


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