News of the year 2014

Date: 02.12.2014


Soitec Announces 46 Percent Efficient Solar Cell

Tuesday, 12.2.2014 - 21:22 (Renewable Energy World)

Concentrating photovoltaic system manufacturer and solar developer Soitec, in conjunction with CEA-Leti both of France along with the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE in Germany, announced that they have achieved a new world record for the direct conversion of sunlight into electricity. Read more

ReneSola expands North American PV operations, opens offices in Mexico and Canada

Tuesday, 12.2.2014 - 15:04 (Solarserver)

ReneSola Ltd. (Shanghai, China) on December 2nd, 2014 announced the expansion of its North American solar photovoltaic (PV) operations into Canada and Mexico. The Company has opened new offices and warehouse facilities in Mexico City, Mexico and Mississauga, Ontario in Canada. Read more

New Navy Smart Microgrid Project Will Test Vanadium Flow Battery Storage

Tuesday, 12.2.2014 - 14:16 (Renewable Energy World)

The California Energy Commission (CEC) and U.S. Navy (USN) are teaming up to spur deployment of grid-integrated local renewable energy resources and advanced energy storage solutions. On December 1, Imergy Power Systems announced that its ESP30 series vanadium-flow batteries will be used in a CEC-sponsored Smart Microgrid project hosted by the Navy at its Mobile Utilities Support Equipment (MUSE) Facility in Port Hueneme, California. Read more

SMA shares plunge as guidance cut for second time

Tuesday, 12.2.2014 - 11:50 (PV-Tech)

Shares in German inverter manufacturer SMA Solar fell 17.9% this morning on the back of news the company is slashing its 2014 sales and revenue forecasts and laying off more staff. Read more

Soitec-Fraunhofer ISE multi-junction CPV cell hits world record 46% conversion efficiency

Tuesday, 12.2.2014 - 11:23 (PV-Tech)

A Soitec multi-junction solar cell for use in concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) systems has become the company’s latest cell to reach a world record for conversion efficiency at 46%, according to Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy (Fraunhofer ISE). Read more

Order Focus: Canadian Solar secures 400MW of solar cells from NSP

Tuesday, 12.2.2014 - 10:38 (PV-Tech)

Neo Solar Power (NSP), the largest merchant solar cell producer, has struck a major supply deal with leading PV energy provider, Canadian Solar for 2015. Read more

New PV world record: Solar cell efficiency at 46% confirms competitiveness of European PV industry

Tuesday, 12.2.2014 - 8:41 (Solarserver)

A new world record for the direct conversion of sunlight into electricity has been established: The multi-junction solar photovoltaic (PV) cell converts 46% of the solar light into electrical energy and was developed by Soitec and CEA-Leti, France, together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, Germany. Read more

Thermal Power/Heating

The Perfect Storm: Why Now is the Time to Seize the 30% Credit on Commercial and Industrial Solar

Tuesday, 12.2.2014 - 15:09 (Renewable Energy World)

Although the 30% business investment tax credit (ITC) for installing solar expires at the end of 2016, the window for taking advantage of the ITC is actually much sooner. Unless Congress extends the ITC — which is an open question at this time — business owners should begin planning now for solar projects to be completed by the end of 2016.  Combin Read more

Solar in India: Welspun Energy enters rooftop PV business, installs three projects totaling 795 kW

Tuesday, 12.2.2014 - 15:04 (Solarserver)

Welspun Energy Pvt. Ltd. (WEPL, Mumbai, India) has ventured into the solar photovoltaic (PV) rooftop segment with three PV installations with a cumulative capacity of 795 kW capacity installed, expected to generate an estimated 1,174,000 kWh of solar power annually. Read more

Germany to support solar PV plant in Ghana with EUR 22.8 million

Tuesday, 12.2.2014 - 15:04 (Solarserver)

On November 26th, 2014 the Deputy Head of Cooperation of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Dr. Zoé Nautré, met with Deputy Upper West Regional Minister, Dr. Musheibu Mohammed Alfa, to discuss current Ghanaian-German cooperation, including a planned solar photovoltaic (PV) plant in the Upper West Region of Ghana. Read more

China's Solar Energy Progress Sputters

Tuesday, 12.2.2014 - 12:13 (Renewable Energy World)

I’ve been quite skeptical for a while about China’s ambitious plans to rapidly build up its solar power capacity, arguing that many of the plants being built are more designed to please central planners in Beijing than of real practical use. Now it seems at least one researcher at a major government institute agrees with that view, prompting him to Read more

INRG Solar connects 150MW of PV in 2014 ahead of ‘record-breaking’ 2015

Tuesday, 12.2.2014 - 12:12 (Solarpowerportal)

Hampshire-based solar developer, INRG Solar is predicting a record-breaking 2015 thanks to the recently started construction of another four solar farms. Read more

Welspun enters India’s rapidly growing rooftop market

Tuesday, 12.2.2014 - 11:16 (PV-Tech)

One of India’s largest solar developers, Welspun, is entering the country’s rooftop solar market. Read more

Xinyi eyes export boost with Malaysia PV glass fab

Tuesday, 12.2.2014 - 10:55 (PV-Tech)

Xinyi Solar will invest around US$100 million in a new ultra-clear PV glass factory in Malaysia. Read more

Renewable Energy Investments completes 30kWp solar array for Cornish tourism business

Tuesday, 12.2.2014 - 10:40 (Solarpowerportal)

Tourism leaflet manufacturer, Seymac Distribution Services has boosted its green credentials after the installation of a 30kWp solar array on the company’s warehouse. Read more

SMA Solar Technology AG lowers sales and earnings forecast, expects a loss of up to EUR 115 million

Tuesday, 12.2.2014 - 9:20 (Solarserver)

The Managing Board of SMA Solar Technology AG (Niestetal, Germany) has adjusted its sales and earnings forecast for 2014. For the current fiscal year, the SMA Managing Board expects sales of between EUR 775 million and EUR 790 million (previously: EUR 850 million to EUR 950 million) and a loss of up to EUR 115 million excluding provisions for the planned staff reduction (previously: loss of up to EUR 45 million excluding provisions for the staff reduction). Read more

GCL-Poly to sell wafer production business

Tuesday, 12.2.2014 - 6:55 (Solarserver)

GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Ltd. (Hong Kong), the largest polysilicon and wafer producer in the solar industry on November 30th, 2014 announced that the company entered into sale and purchase agreements under which it has conditionally agreed to sell its wafer production business in two tranches, for a total consideration of RMB 8 billion in cash (approx. USD 1.3 million). Read more


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Wind Energy

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Energy Policy/Climate/CO2

German Utility EON To Ditch Fossil Fuel Arm, Focus on Renewables

Tuesday, 12.2.2014 - 15:43 (Renewable Energy World)

EON SE’s plan to spin off its fossil fuel plants marks a watershed moment in Germany’s renewables effort that will likely bolster the country’s already leading position in clean energy. Read more

Friends of the Earth pressing for a green Autumn Statement

Tuesday, 12.2.2014 - 14:58 (Solarpowerportal)

Environmental NGO, Friends of the Earth has called on the UK government to deliver a clean energy agenda ahead of the upcoming Autumn Statement. Read more

Energy Efficiency and Renewables Are Lowest Risk/Cost Investments for Utilities

Tuesday, 12.2.2014 - 13:27 (Renewable Energy World)

A new report by utility and finance experts contains positive news for the environment, our air and our (and our utilities’) pocketbooks — the economics of electric power resources have made zero-emissions energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies the most financially attractive options to meet the nation’s future energy demands. Read more

Poll: 89% of Australians object to renewable energy cuts

Tuesday, 12.2.2014 - 13:02 (PV-Tech)

More than 5,000 residents from across the country were polled by market researcher, ReachTELL on 26 November, and found strong objection to cutting the national Renewable Energy Target (RET). Read more

ReneSola expands into Canada and Mexico

Tuesday, 12.2.2014 - 11:16 (PV-Tech)

PV module and green energy technology manufacturer ReneSola has expanded into Canada and Mexico. Read more

Europe’s ‘first’ robotically tracked PV project completed in Northern Ireland

Tuesday, 12.2.2014 - 10:15 (Solarpowerportal)

UK-based PV project developer Castillium has connected the 48kW project at South West College, in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. It will supply power to the CREST (Centre for Renewable Energy & Sustainable Technology) Passive Pavilion and, following a deal announced in January this year, has been equipped with robotic tracking made by US start-up QBotix. Read more

IEA review praises EU’s low-carbon leadership but notes that deeper market integration is essential to manage costs of clean-energy shift

Tuesday, 12.2.2014 - 7:12 (Solarserver)

The European Union has made progress in liberalising energy markets, and its global leadership on climate change is to be commended, the International Energy Agency (IEA, Paris, France) said on December 1st, 2014 as it released its review of EU energy policies. Read more


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