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Date: 20.10.2014


Focusic is building a 20 MWp CPV plant in China, using Soitec’s high-efficiency modules

Monday, 10.20.2014 - 6:59 (Solarserver)

Focusic New Energy Holding Co., Ltd. (Zhengzhou, China), a developer of renewable-energy power plants, and Soitec (Bernin, Grenoble, France) on October 16th, 2014 announced that the second phase of the Hami concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) power plant project has started. The CPV project will be completed by the end of 2014, while the third and last phase of the project will be installed in 2015. With a final capacity of 20.5 MWp, the plant will be one of Asia’s biggest concentrator photovoltaic plants. Read more

Thermal Power/Heating

Tunisian CSP project to apply for UK solar subsidies

Monday, 10.20.2014 - 18:46 (PV-Tech)

A 2GW concentrating solar power (CSP) project in Tunisia will apply for support from the UK government. Read more

European Commission Studies Renewable Costs

Monday, 10.20.2014 - 17:08 (Renewable Energy World)

New analysis commissioned by the European Commission concludes that renewables such as onshore wind and solar PV are close to that of conventional technologies like coal, gas and nuclear in terms of costs a subsidy levels. Read more

TuNur African-export solar project to compete for CfD funding

Monday, 10.20.2014 - 17:01 (Solarpowerportal)

TuNur, Low Carbon and Nur Energies’ 2GW African-based solar export project will enter the highly competitive pool of solar applicants attempting to win contracts for difference (CfD) from the British government. Read more

TuNur African-export solar project joins the CfD competition for funding

Monday, 10.20.2014 - 17:01 (Solarpowerportal)

TuNur, Low Carbon and Nur Energies’ 2GW African-based solar export project will enter the highly competitive pool of solar applicants attempting to win contracts for difference (CfD) from the British government. Read more

Does the Psychological Effect of Oil Prices Impact the Solar Industry?

Monday, 10.20.2014 - 16:34 (Renewable Energy World)

Plunging oil prices are shifting investor sentiment away from renewable power and helping pull down shares for solar companies, said Gordon Johnson, an analyst at Axiom Capital Management in New York. Read more

Can Solar Financing Partnerships Make the Middle Market Work?

Monday, 10.20.2014 - 16:27 (Renewable Energy World)

With few exceptions, most commercial projects we see come from developers going out to the market with each individual project, which will then go to the highest bidder. That sounds straight-forward. Why wouldn’t a developer want to go after the highest price? Two words: transaction costs. Though auctioning a project to the highest bidder and getti Read more

Canadian Solar introduces Diamond PV module at Solar Power International

Monday, 10.20.2014 - 14:07 (Solarserver)

Canadian Solar Inc. (Guelph, Ontario) on October 20th, 2014 announced that it will introduce the new, groundbreaking Diamond solar photovoltaic (PV) module at the upcoming Solar Power International (SPI) exhibition. The Diamond module, also known as the double PV module, utilizes heat-strengthened glass instead of the traditional polymer backsheet, Canadian Solar explains. Read more

UK Solar Trade Association: There is no need for choice between food production and solar PV farms

Monday, 10.20.2014 - 14:05 (Solarserver)

The British Solar Trade Association (STA) will be writing to UK Environment Secretary Liz Truss on October 20th, 2014 following her announcement that farmland should be used for ‘food and crops’ and not solar farms. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has announced that farmers will no longer be allowed to claim agricultural subsidies for land dedicated to solar photovoltaics (PV), but has failed to consider how solar and farming can actually go hand in hand. Read more

Radian Generation engaged by fund management company DIF to provide asset management services for 65 MW of solar PV projects in Canada

Monday, 10.20.2014 - 12:22 (Solarserver)

Radian Generation, LLC (RadianGEN, San Francisco, Calif., US) a provider of ongoing solar asset management and advisory services, has entered into an agreement with affiliates of DIF (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), an independent fund management company with an extensive global portfolio of solar projects, to provide commercial and technical asset management services for over 65 MW of solar photovoltaic (PV) projects in Ontario, Canada. Managing over 300 MW of solar PV assets globally, DIF has five projects under contract in Canada. Read more

Schneider Electric announces launch of new PV Skid at Solar Power International

Monday, 10.20.2014 - 12:17 (Solarserver)

Schneider Electric SA (Reuil-Malmaison, France) announces the launch of the new PV Skid, an optimized power conversion system designed for North American solar photovoltaic (PV) power plants. “We’re proud to announce the launch of the new PV Skid, which follows the success of our PV Box RT and ST solutions already installed in PV power plants globally,” said Arnaud Cantin, Vice-President of the Utility-Scale Line of Business. Read more

Calyxo recommends solar façades to esthetically upgrade exterior walls

Monday, 10.20.2014 - 12:11 (Solarserver)

Calyxo GmbH (Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Germany) is dedicated to the niche application of "façade" PV installations, and has established a test set-up at the company's site. In general, a solar façade can be designed like a standard glass façade and interconnected as a standard photovoltaic system. With little additional effort compared to standard solutions, sustainable and energy upgraded façades can thus be created, the company reports in a press release. Read more

Japan’s grid connection panel meets for first time

Monday, 10.20.2014 - 12:10 (PV-Tech)

The working group established by the Japanese government to deal with grid connection issues for solar and other new energy generation capacity met for the first time last week. Read more

SPI 2014: Canadian Solar to reveal Diamond module

Monday, 10.20.2014 - 11:52 (PV-Tech)

Canadian Solar will reveal a new Diamond module at SPI in Las Vegas this week. Read more

UK government blocks funds for farmers who benefit from solar plants

Monday, 10.20.2014 - 11:28 (PV-Tech)

UK farmers with solar farms on their land will no longer be eligible for any farm subsidies under the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) from January 2015. Read more

California continues solar lead as 34MW solar power plant nears completion

Monday, 10.20.2014 - 11:18 (PV-Tech)

US independent power producer, sPower has completed a 34MW solar power plant in California. Read more

Primrose Solar agrees £29 million UK solar farm finance package with M&G

Monday, 10.20.2014 - 11:03 (Solarpowerportal)

London-based solar developer, Primrose Solar has agreed a £29 million finance package with M&G Investments to refinance four UK solar farms. Read more

Farmers with solar farms will lose CAP payments from January 2015

Monday, 10.20.2014 - 9:30 (Solarpowerportal)

Farmers will no longer be eligible for any farm subsidies under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for land from January 2015. Read more

First Solar installs inaugural panel at South America’s largest PV Plant

Monday, 10.20.2014 - 6:55 (Solarserver)

With Michelle Bachelet, President of the Republic of Chile, Isabel Allende, President of the Chilean Senate, and Máximo Pacheco, Minister of Energy in attendance, First Solar (Tempe, Arizona, US) on October 17th, 2014 ceremonially installed the first solar photovoltaic (PV) panel for the 141 Megawatt (MWac) Luz del Norte Solar Power Plant. The PV project, located 58 kilometers north of the city of Copiapó, is expected to be complete by December 2015, and will become the largest solar PV plant in Latin America. Read more

JinkoSolar supplied 34 MW of PV modules to sPower for four projects in Antelope Valley, California

Monday, 10.20.2014 - 6:52 (Solarserver)

JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. (Shanghai, China) on October 17th, 2014 announced that it supplied 34 MW of solar photovoltaic (PV) modules to sPower (Sustainable Power Group, Salt Lake City, US) for four solar power projects in Antelope Valley, California According to the terms of the contract, JinkoSolar supplied approximately 115,000 of its 305 W high efficiency solar PV modules to sPower for the 34 MW solar plant which is comprised of four separate projects located in Lancaster and Victorville, California. Read more

SPI Solar announces EPC agreements for PV projects totalling 100 MW in Hebei Province, China

Monday, 10.20.2014 - 6:48 (Solarserver)

Solar photovoltaic (PV) project developer SPI Solar (Roseville, Calif., U.S.) on October 17th, 2014 announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Xinyu Xinwei New Energy Co., Ltd., has signed engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) agreements for 100 megawatt (MW) of solar PV projects in Julu County, Hebei Province, China. Read more


Earth to Cellulosic Biofuels: Good to See You, Buddy, What Took So Long? Part II

Monday, 10.20.2014 - 13:11 (Renewable Energy World)

There’s a gigantic disconnect between two sections in the country as to whether the United States should be celebrating the success or the failure of cellulosic biofuels. Supporters and detractors alike saying that the wave of commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol refineries is a new wave in technology or the latest round in a wave of unimportant hype. Read more

Wind Energy

UK Green Bank Set to Draw Offshore Wind Investors to $1.6 Billion Fund

Monday, 10.20.2014 - 15:58 (Renewable Energy World)

The U.K. Green Investment Bank is set to tie up the first investments in a $1.6 billion fund by the end of March, part of Britain’s push to cement its dominance in offshore wind power. Read more


‘Damaging and incorrect’: Industry reaction to solar farm CAP scrap

Monday, 10.20.2014 - 17:16 (Solarpowerportal)

The department for environment, food and rural affairs’ (Defra) shock announcement that payments under the CAP for land underneath solar farms will cease in the New Year has sent shock waves through the solar industry and agricultural stakeholders alike. Read more

Hydrogen/Fuel Cell

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Energy Policy/Climate/CO2

Renewable Energy Storage Gains Critical Mass

Monday, 10.20.2014 - 13:28 (Renewable Energy World)

A host of U.S. renewable energy storage executives recently gathered here in the Silicon Valley are referring to the rapid expansion of the storage industry by comparing it to the solar power industry six or eight years ago, before that companion sector became the juggernaut it is now. Read more

SPI 2014: AET launches new eco roof ballast

Monday, 10.20.2014 - 12:10 (PV-Tech)

AET has launched its ‘Rayport-B Eco’ roof ballast at this year’s SPI, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center this week. Read more

Chile will lead Latin America in renewable energy, says president

Monday, 10.20.2014 - 12:04 (PV-Tech)

The president of Chile, Michelle Bachelet said the country will aim to become a leader in renewable energy. Read more


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