Solex Energy Ltd

Solex Energy Ltd - Solar Roofing Supplier

Solex Energy LtdSolar Roofing Supplier based in Dorset, UK. Specialising in rooftop integrated solar heating through solar collectors and solar slates

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Solex Energy Ltd supplies innovatively designed integrated solar roofing systems for variable sized roofing projects. Our design is fully compatible with traditional roofing materials and can be installed as whole roof, patch or strip. These products include solar slates and solar absorbers which ma...


Floor heating, Heating, Hot water, Photovoltaics, Roof, Roof integration, Solar building, Solar energy, Solar heating system,

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Solex Energy Ltd - Solar Roofing Supplier

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Solex Energy Ltd

Solex Energy, Osmington Hill Osmington
DT3 6ED Weymouth
United Kingdom

Phone: 01305 833690


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