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Energetica IndiaIndia's premiere Magazine in Energy Efficiency and Power Generation

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Energetica India is a leading International Power generation and energy efficiency magazine headquartered in Spain. The parent company is Omnimedia S.L. and is a 10 year old media company having its publications in Energy, Pharma, Construction & Tourism sectors.

Energetica India is one of the st...


Bioenergy, Capital investment, Climate change, Combined heat and power plant, Communication, Financing, Green energy, Grid feed-in, Manufacturer, Marketing, Solar energy, Solar module, Solar power plant, Solar thermal power plants, Wind energy,

Visit Page: www.energetica-india.net

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Energetica India

one indiabulls centre, tower 2 wing b 7th flr,
400013 Mumbai

Phone: +91 22 67406800


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