CETC Solar Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.

CETC Solar Energy

CETC Solar Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.Fully integrated PV manufacturer (solar cells & solar photovoltaic modules) and PV solution provider.

Company Profile

CETC Solar Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. is a government-owned diversified technology company providing innovative solar energy manufacturing equipment, solar cells & modules, and solar power solutions, all based upon a common technology platform. China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) is...


Equipment, Manufacturer, Monocrystalline, Off-Grid systems, Photovoltaic power plant, Photovoltaics, Polycrystalline, Renewable energies, Solar cell, Solar energy, Solar farms, Solar module, Solar power plant, Solar power system,

Visit Page: www.cetcsolarenergy.com

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CETC Solar Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.

1025 Xinkaipu Road, Tianxin District
410111 Changsha, Hunan

Phone: +86 13787062228

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