NES - New Energy Systems Ltd.

SUNSYSTEM Energy from the sun

NES - New Energy Systems Ltd.NES Ltd is the first Bulgarian producer of solar appliances. Today, the portfolio comrpises solar collectors, water heaters, boilers and PV modules.

Company Profile

NES company is a Bulgaria based OEM specialised in the renewable energy appliances production. Its own brands, SUNSYSTEM for solar appliances, and BURNiT for heating boilers, are well known accross Europe and some other parts of the world.


Biomass, Evacuated-Tube Collector, Flat plate collector, Green energy, Heat exchanger, Hot water, Inverters, Module, Monocrystalline, Pellets, Photovoltaic power plant, Photovoltaics, Polycrystalline, Solar energy, Solar heating system,

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SUNSYSTEM Energy from the sun

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NES - New Energy Systems Ltd.

12, Madara blvd
9700 Shumen

Phone: 00359 54 874 546


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