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Design tools for PV, solar thermal and heat pump systems

Valentin Software GmbHSimulation software for the design and yield calculation of solar and heat pump systems (T*SOL, PV*SOL, GeoT*SOL).

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Valentin Software has been providing solar professionals with industry leading PV and Solar Thermal design, dynamic simulation, modeling and sales software since 1988. Their PV*SOL and T*SOL software programs are known worldwide for their power, accuracy and ease-of-use. PV*SOL and T*SOL software i...


Air collectors, Electric vehicle, Energy balance, Feed-in compensation, Geothermics, Grid feed-in, Heat pump, Photovoltaics, Projected yield, Renewable energies, Software, Solar cell, Solar heating system, Solar local heat, Solar power system,

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Design tools for PV, solar thermal and heat pump systems

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Valentin Software GmbH

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