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What is Top50-Solar?

With several thousand daily unique visitors Top50-Solar has established itself as a market-leading  international web portal for solar energy and renewable energies. Top50-solar provides you with an extensive search facility of important sites to help in finding the right provider.

Our services include the following features:

  • Toplist::
    A comprehensive listing of the most important solar and renewable energy websites in descending order of popularity – measured in terms of user traffic. The Toplist enables you to target the most important websites first. More ... 
  • Company Directory:
    An alphabetical listing of companies and providers active in the field of solar and renewable energies.  The Company directory includes specific information relating to specialist areas, countries, postal codes and forms of business establishment.  More ...
  • Solar Search:
    An optimized search engine for solar and renewable energies. This uses Google technology to drill down to specific areas of interest. More ...
  • News:
    Keep up to date with all the latest news about solar and renewable energies from the most important news providers via our RSS feeds.  

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Who is the target group?

Top50-Solar is an information portal for anyone searching for solar or renewable energies for business or private purposes. Whether you are a consumer looking to put in your first solar installation or a provider wishing to develop your profile in  this fast emerging market place you will benefit from our expertise and the extensive range of information available on this site. 

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Who can register?

All companies and  individuals active in the field of solar energy and renewable energies can register with Top50-Solar. Membership includes a detailed page with information about your company, logo overlay. Further information about registration and membership can be found here and click to register.

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What does registration cost?

Registration is absolutely free as long as you include our logo on your home page.  If for any reason you prefer not to show the logo then a corporate memberships is available for an additional fee.  All the benefits are the same, the only difference is the Top50-solar logo is not visible. Click here for more information about corporate membership.  

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How do I register?

Register in three easy steps!

  1. Download a copy of our registration form below.  You will need to provide details of your company, homepage, links to your URL. All fields marked with an asterisk * are obligatory and must be completed on initial registration.  Additional detail such as videos, links to twitter or faccebook pages and banners can be updated at a later stage.
  2. Once you have completed the registration form an email link will be sent to you confirming your registration and account details and including the HTML code for the Top50-Solar logo .Click on the link to login. Check your spam filter if you do not receive this email!
  3. Copy and insert the HTML code on your linked web page and all other relevant web pages so that you are included in the toplist and company listing. You can place this HTML code in any clearly visible location on your page but do not alter the code in any way.

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What advantages does Top50-Solar membership offer?


Registering your company not only means your web site will be significantly easier to find online, but more visitors will pay your homepage a visit. Take advantage of:

  • Free extensive presentation of your detailed homepage with several thousand daily visitors to our site
  • International platform : entry in several languages
  • Various search options for your entry: Toplist, Company Directory, Solar Search
  • Other features such as: geographical search, keywords, advanced search (filter functions)
  • The forwarding of visitors from Top50-Solar to your homepage/company website
  • Increased search engine relevance through the high Google pagerank of Top50-Solar
  • User traffic statistics for your homepage without laborious log file analysis

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What makes us different ?


Our long standing users often remark while there have been attempts to replicate what we offer, to date no one has matched it.  We believe we offer something different. These are just some of the reasons:

  • we are a well respected and popular site in the field of solar and renewable energies
  • we have a wealth of experience, recording and analyzing data since the year 2000
  • Programming expertise: Year long in-house development of the Toplist and the portal.  We do not use pre-fabricated (and therefore easily manipulated) standard scripts.
  • Modern, easy to read design
  • Good usability with easy and clearly organized navigation
  • Current Google Pagerank of 6
  • We are continually innovating and developing the site to make it better for you.  We would like to learn from your experiences and welcome your feedback.   

Registration FAQs

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What happens if I don't include the Top50-Solar logo?

If you do not include the logo and have not selected the corporate  membership, then your entry will be de-activated on the Top50 site and you will no longer appear in Top50-Solar. To fix this, login to your account to select your HTML-code and insert into your pages.  

If you attempt to modify the logo in any way your entry will be deleted.  

If you have any queries regarding this please contact us.


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What happens if I accidentally delete the logo, can I get it back?

Yes you can!   Simply login to your account and click show HTML option.

Please ensure you always insert the logo otherwise you will find your listing will become deactivated unless you have requested the corporate (chargeable) option not to display the logo.


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How can I test if my logo has been correctly placed on my web site?

You should check the following:

is the logo visible in the chosen place on your homepage?

can you find the source code (identical to that in your email) in your HTML page?

To view it open up your page in a browser, in Firefox click CTRL-F and search for “Top50”. In Internet explorer go to page, show source code and then search using CTRL-F for “Top50” 

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Can I register with as many toplists as possible?

You might think that the more toplists you register with the better. However our experience from Top50-Solar members who have tried this in the past is that there is no benefit in adding additional toplists.  In fact if anything it can have a negative effect. Cluttering your pages with lots of logos appears unprofessional and impacts your design. Make use of our distinctive logo which is used throughout the industry. You will soon see that this approach pays off!

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Types of membership

There are two types of membership; Standard  - which is completely free and Corporate which incurs an additional annual charge. Both types enjoy the same benefits and features.  Corporate membership suits those companies who do not wish to display the Top50-Solar logo on their homepage.   In that case a charge applies.  

Standard Membership:
The default standard membership is free and includes all the benefits of Top50-Solar. Your company will be listed in the toplist and in the corporate directory and the content of your pages will be scanned with solar search.  You will also get your own detailed, search engine optimised company page with a detailed description (up to 5000 words). Twitter messages, videos and more can be displayed. As long as you insert the Top50-Solar logo on your site, this service is offered absolutely free of charge. Click for standard registration  

Corporate Option:
Some Companies for whatever reason, may not wish to display the Top50-Solar logo.  In this case we offer you a corporate option for an annual charge. If you are interested in this option we would be happy to help.  Contact us to discuss pricing options. 

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How do I make the Top50-Solar logo visible on my page?


When you first register, the HTML code is included on the registration email that was sent to you. Simply cut and paste this code into your homepage wherever you wish the logo to appear.

If you are unfamiliar with HTML the following instructions on incorporating an HTML code into websites may be of help. Please be aware that this information refers to a Google product and has absolutely nothing to do with Top50-Solar membership. However they may be useful as a guide.


Toplist FAQs

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What is the Top50-Solar toplist?


Top50-Solar is a global web directory of solar and renewable energy websites listed in order of popularity - measured by user traffic.  Sorting companies in this way allows you to target the most popular websites first.  

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Why is there a Toplist and a Company Directory?


We offer both searches purely for your convenience!

The Toplist sorts companies in descending order of popularity (measured by user traffic) while the Company Directory A-Z sorts companies alphabetically.

Both listings allow you to narrow your search using country, company name, city and keyword searches 




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What is the "Map View“?


This is a geographical view of the companies listed in the Toplist.  

This is very handy if you are on a single country for a visual view all the companies listed and their location.

Note: we do not recommend you use this view when "All countries" are selected.



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How do I use the search?“


Search by Keyword, company name or city or a combination of these.

For example, to search for all installers in Poole United Kingdom:

  • select United Kingdom in the country drop down
  • type installer in the key word tab
  • enter Poole in city tab


All installers in or close to Poole will then be visible.

Use the x to clear and start a new search








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What is the “Tags” feature?


All registered companies can apply specialist tags - such as Photovoltaic  - in their listing. This function enables visitors to use keywords to narrow down their company search.

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How can I add my company/homepage to the Toplist?


Simply register your company details. You can add a short and long description of your company, banner and logo, plus twitter and facebook links. 

Once you have entered all the required details you will be sent a confirmation email which also contains the HTML code for our logo.

Insert the logo exactly as it is provided, into your web pages.  

Entry into our directory is free of charge as long as you display the logo.  If you do not wish to show it then we also offer a chargeable corporate option


For more details see Membership FAQs.


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I know of a company but I can’t find it in the Toplist, what’s the problem here?


Although Top50-Solar membership is FREE of charge, we do not add companies to our lists without prior permission. .

Feel free to recommend us but please note that we do not encourage unsolicited spam.