Privacy Policy

Important notice: The following Privacy Policy is merely a translation of the originally version in German (Datenschutz). This has been done for your convenience and has no legal meaning. Using Top50-Solar® you agree to the original german "Datenschutzbestimmungen" and german law is always applied.

In the main, you can use our website without submitting any personal data or disclosing your identity. It is only if you want to use our Top50-Solar® Services such as for price comparisons, that we have to ask you for some personal data. This data will be made available to interested companies to give them the opportunity to tailor an offer to meet your individual needs.

Top50-Solar® uses cookies. Those are small data files containing configuration information. The use of cookies is necessary to enable visitor counting. You do have the facility to configure your browser(s) to notify you whenever you receive a new cookie, or to disable cookies altogether. However, cookies allow you to take full advantage of all features and we recommend that you leave them turned on.
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