Our Vision

At Top50-Solar we are passionate about solar. Our vision is a greener world with 100% renewable energies, fit for our children to live in"


Top50-Solar is a leading International web portal for solar and renewable energies with around 2000 companies listed worldwide. Registering provides you with a comprehensive profile in our A-Z directory and prestigious Toplist, searchable by country, city, keyword and company name. We provide you with a platform to promote your company and open up new partnerships on an international scale. Now in six language versions!


Meet the Team

Dr. Martin Staffhorst, Founder

Martin Staffhorst is the founder and director of Top50-Solar. Martin has been a passionate advocate of solar energy for many years, and as part of his PhD he worked extensively on the potential for cost-reduction in photovoltaics. Since the mid-90s he was a key supporter of NGOs including the Solar Promotion Association where he served as Deputy Chairman, playing an important role in inventing the Feed-In-Tariff system for Germany. As an expert in photovoltaics he also works as a consultant and is the owner of an engineering company for photovoltaic systems.  Martin’s passion for Top50-Solar was borne from a vision to change our energy systems to 100% renewable energies. He founded the company in 2000, since when it has developed into a worldwide leading web portal for solar energy.



Zoe Symington, International English 

Zoe Symington is the sales and marketing manager for the International English pages of Top50-Solar. Zoe graduated in 1987 with a degree in Biology and Psychology which fuelled her interest in nature and the planet. Zoe has been working in media since 1988 when she first joined the Haymarket Media group in the field of  IT project management. She joined the Top50-Solar team in September 2010 and since then has been driven by the passion surrounding solar and renewable energies. Zoe believes wholeheartedly in the need for the world to adopt solar and renewables as its main energy source and in the application of solar in the developing world where the benefits are often life changing.

Zoe is a passionate skier and salsa dancer, her home town is in London, UK


Nicole Münzinger, Sales and Marketing Germany 

Nicole Münzinger is the sales and marketing manager for the German pages of Top50-Solar. She holds a degree in sports teaching, however later on she diverged her profession to become a graphic designer, and spent several years working for a German advertising company. In 2004 she became an event manager for the Americas Cup and other events. Since joining the Top50-Solar team in 2010, she has been driven by the idea of preserving our planet and providing a greener future for our children.  Nicole is proud to see Germany as the forerunner, driving change to solar and renewable energies – and holds the hope to see all the other countries hop on the same train!

Nicole is a passionate windsurfer and loves all kinds of sports. She’s married and mother of 2 small children. Her home town is in Stuttgart, Germany.



Thierry van der Star, Sales and Marketing Netherlands, Belgium and France 

Thierry van der Star is the sales and marketing manager for the Dutch and French pages of Top50-Solar. Thierry’s passion for nature conservation started when he was a young child and has remained a prominent driving force in his life ever since.  In 2001, Thierry graduated with a degree in Environmental Sciences, and currently spends part of the year working as an environmental educator in Amsterdam where he teaches adolescents about organic farming and sustainable energy. He is also doing creative and administrative work on websites, and enjoys supporting sustainable development projects in Asia while he is working abroad. Thierry joined the Top50-Solar team in March 2011 to manage the Dutch pages, and he looks forward to heading up the development of the French pages as well. Thierry’s enthusiasm for promoting solar and other renewable energy sources is motivated by a desire to make a contribution toward creating a more sustainable future.



Marc Schecker, programmer and development, PV-Log 

Marc Schecker is the programmer and founder of Top50-Solar PV-log. He holds a degree in Business Administration (FH) and works full-time as a controller in the retail sector.  Since acquiring his first photovoltaic system, he has been totally fascinated by this forward-moving  technology.  He spends most of his free time devoted to the data analysis of Top50 PV-log  and working out ingenious ways to ensure the results are as transparent as possible to everyone. 

Aside from programming Marc enjoys motor biking, a spot of table football in the evening, and with his wife, caring for his dog Emma.



Our story

2000: Top50-Solar is founded by Dr. Martin Staffhorst. As one of the first web catalogs Top50-Solar takes a lead role in the renewable energies sector. 

2001: Server upgrade and sponsor partnerships formed

2002: First redesign with new, improved layout

2003: Quotation service for PV and solar thermal offered  

2005: Upgrade to Typo3 content management system and servers; introduction of new English, Spanish and Portuguese language versions; New categories and filtering options; Further redesign.

2006: Introduction of the Top50-Solar News section

2008: Server upgrades

2009: Complete re-launch with brand new design; 

2010: Country search expanded and distances to all major cities now shown, server upgrade for further speed enhancements. Translation service offered.

2011: Redesign to freshen "look and feel", introduction of Solar Experts in German version, Two new language versions launched: Italian and Dutch

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